Solving Periodontal Disease with Innovation

Groundbreaking dental technology that combines the benefits of bone tissue regeneration with the ability to disrupt biofilms to treat a variety of oral and bone related issues

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Harnessing the Power of PiezoGEL™

We’re excited to introduce PiezoGEL™, a game-changing solution for periodontal disease treatment. Pre- clinical data demonstrates that in just one month of therapy, PiezoGEL™ has proven to significantly regenerate bone tissue compared to the traditional clinical standard of care. At our core, we’re all about redefining dental care, making it more efficient and effective. Discover how PiezoGEL™ can revolutionize your dental health journey with us.

Our mission is clear: to redefine the standard of care and elevate dental healthcare to new heights. The comparison with the clinical standard of care speaks volumes about the promise of PiezoGEL as an alternative, aimed at enhancing patient well-being and setting a new benchmark for dental treatments.


Unveiling the Advantages of Oral Biolife

Minimally Invasive:

PiezoGEL’s ease of application directly into the periodontal pocket simplifies and enhances treatment precision, making it a patient-friendly choice.

This streamlined process minimizes discomfort, improving the overall treatment experience while maintaining high standards of care.

Avoids Surgery:

Achieving bone regeneration without bone grafts or complex surgeries simplifies treatment, reduces risks, and improves patient outcomes.

This approach offers a less invasive means to restore bone health, emphasizing our commitment to innovative, patient-centric solutions.

Combined ability to inhibit bacteria/biofilms and bone regenerative properties:

PiezoGEL is a patented breakthrough device technology with the potential to avoid or reduce the need for surgery.

Our goal is to enhance medical treatments, improve patient outcomes, and make healthcare more accessible and less invasive.

Light Curable:

PiezoGEL is an innovative dental device that is applied into and conforms to the periodontal pocket using traditional dental tools. This integration of technology with established practices ensures precise and comfortable treatment, enhancing the patient experience.

It represents a new standard in oral healthcare, combining innovation with dental tradition.


Periodontal Disease in Canines

Periodontal disease in canines can causes these significant health problems for our pets:

More than 80% of dogs over 2 years of age have PD.

Launching 1st – line application of PiezoGEL™ for companion animals with Periodontal disease.


Hear What Our Patients Have to Say

"Today we can only stop further damage, temporarily. Nonsurgical reversal would be a breakthrough."

Dr. David Block DMD

"Arestin does not work. We need alternatives like PiezoGEL™"

Dr. Chinhua Hsiao DMD, Periodontist

"I would definitely use it (PiezoGEL™) on my patients for whom it's a fit. My best patient candidate is a patient who needs bone replacement—I would use this before recommending surgery"

Dr. Maria Koerner DMD

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